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It´s time to stop guessing your abilities and worth. 
and activate your highest potential FREE PDF GUIDE.

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 My name is Milissa Claire, founder of Divine Expression. 

Queen of Light, Coach and Photographer 

You´ll be surprised, but I know more about you than you can imagine.  

Do you hear a calling in your heart to live a life of higher purpose? 

Do you have a desire to inspire and help people through coaching as a knowledge broker, mentor by offering your unique talents to the online world?

 Yet, despite all your passion for your purpose, you still find yourself procrastinating, second-guessing your talents, and doubting your abilities.

I get it. But, now is the time to claim what is yours, transform your story, and share your online vision. 

All successful businesses require a supportive team. Let me show you how to claim your global brand star status, share your vision, and get paid for exemplifying your talents. 

After working with entrepreneurs from around the globe, I have uncovered a unique process to support you in taking a quantum jump in attaining your goals.

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Client Love 

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Milissa, Your coaching, photography and program have been enlightening and profound. It is also deeply healing for me on an emotional level. I am pushing through my resistance: I really enjoy the program!

One of the best things about working with Milissa is her willingness to get super real. Her highly intuitive nature helped me to understand and clear out some of the things that were keeping me stuck. …If you have a powerhouse working with you, and who believes in you, and you do the work; you will see results!….Her ability to see me when I couldn't has been paramount for my internal acceptance.  Thank you

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