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I believe you have a choice in your life. You can either allow the results that you haven´t yet manifested to be the excuse of why you won’t keep going for your dreams. Or, you can turn your ¨failures¨ into the fuel that keeps your mission propelling forward. Re-write your story, share your vision and grow your online biz. Milissa Claire guides you to cultivate your manifesting mindset and creates high-impact content through branding photos and video that will attract your ideal clients.

"Milissa’s intuitive instincts and ability to put those in front of the camera at ease enables her to bring out their confident global brand star essence. She works closely with you to achieve clarity around the vision for you brand and to create a strategic plan to tell you story visually online. She knows that the online world can become impersonal and cluttered, she will lead you in making your presence personal and authentic. So that you can connect with your ideal high-end clients."

Iva Georgieva
Brand Strategist

". Saying YES to my photo shoot allowed me to embody through photos who I’m stepping into being and have my clients feel the energy of the new me!...........My online following grew and new clients came in! Working with Milissa in Paris, it was an incredible experience. She is super creative ...Thank you Milissa!”"

Jessica Riverson
Permission to Charge

"“There was a time when I shied away from taking photos because I was more comfortable staying in the background. However, as an entrepreneur working with clients worldwide, it was important to me to have professional photos and I knew that working Milissa would be creative and fun. Milissa captured how I wanted to show up in my online business. She captured my brand essence in a very powerful way.” Thank you Tracy Neely"

Tracy Neely
Online Mentor and Coach


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